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Heh, make that 13 - I voted for both Arc/Nu and Anarki Stable (looks like I'm a lone bird here) as I use them both. I hope I haven't jiggered the poll. :)


Hey, well done. It's beginning to look pretty good!


4 points by kinleyd 1061 days ago | link | parent | on: About arc mode for Emacs

Done. Made references to both so the user can choose.


1 point by dram 1061 days ago | link



Two more metrics:

		Source/Medium - Visits
	1.	(direct) / (none) - 1,240
	2.	google / organic - 1,130
	3. / referral - 695
	4. / referral - 167
	5. / referral - 129
	6. / referral - 114
	7. / referral - 61
	8. / referral - 49
	9. / referral - 45
	10. / referral - 37

		Landing Page - Visits
	1.	/site/arclanguagewiki/ - 1,811
	2.	/site/arclanguagewiki/getting-started/install-arc - 617
	3.	/site/arclanguagewiki/more/avl-trees - 487
	4.	/site/arclanguagewiki/getting-started/tutorial - 310
	5.	/site/arclanguagewiki/home - 160
	6.	/site/arclanguagewiki/arc-3_1/known-bugs-and-gotchas - 155
	7.	/site/arclanguagewiki/more/list-of-languages-with-s-expression-sugar - 80
	8.	/site/arclanguagewiki/getting-started/installing-emacs - 64
	9.	/site/arclanguagewiki/more/keyword-arguments - 31
	10.	/site/arclanguagewiki/arc-3_1/optimizations - 27

For the me the number that stands out is: / referral - 129
That's a paltry 129 coming from what should be the mother lode.

So here is my appeal, pg, if you are listening:

Please update these two pages - and - just that wee bit, and put a link to It would make quite a difference to the Arc community, and take only a few minutes of your time. Please?


Since I'm on a roll here, albeit at another level entirely... thanks dido, and more power to you too!


Thanks Pauan, and more power to you too!


Thanks akkartik for sharing your story. More power to you. :)


1 point by kinleyd 1210 days ago | link | parent | on: Why Arc hasn't taken off

That was good post by you on HN.


2 points by akkartik 1210 days ago | link

I take it all back. See PG's response there:


2 points by rocketnia 1210 days ago | link

Racket already represents one approach to "trying to scale continuation-based servers," thanks to its stateless servlets.

"This process allows [many] continuations captured by your servlet to be serialized. This means they may be stored on the client’s browser or the server’s disk."


2 points by akkartik 1209 days ago | link

Yes, I saw that between my comment and pg's response.


1 point by rocketnia 1209 days ago | link

Oh, I was particularly responding to "It also turns out that there's at least one company trying to scale continuation-based servers," which you said afterward. Guess you chose the example you chose, no worries. ^_^


1 point by akkartik 1209 days ago | link

Ah, good point! I didn't think of it then (I think I even had the racket link in the textarea in a different context before I ended up dropping it to the floor.)


1 point by kinleyd 1209 days ago | link

Well, at least you got a response from pg regarding Arc. Now, about that outdated Arc home and install page ... :)


More seriously:

pg "In retrospect YC would have taken over my life no matter what. It has pushed out essays too, mostly.

I don't consider Arc to have died, incidentally. You used it to say that, and I'm using it to reply. If I ever retired from YC I'd probably start working on it more actively again." [1]

The thread was quite revealing. Or perhaps it just said what we all probably already knew.



1 point by akkartik 1207 days ago | link

Oh, and PG has said before that closures are a rapid-prototyping technique: (via; thanks rocketnia!)


3 points by kinleyd 1220 days ago | link | parent | on: The language creator's final challenge

The pain of letting your baby go, the cost of being a control freak, weighing the potential upside of open source and benevolent dictatorships - all human dilemmas that existed way before the internet. ;)

Happy New Year, my Arc friends!


According to Rich Hickey, the average person goes for what they find to be "simple" as defined as easy or familiar. Whereas the power of simple requires you to go beyond the easy or familiar, and that's always tough if you aren't willing to put in some effort on the learning curve.

The benefits follow, just like in other areas of our life. I think one good analogy is the average person's attitude to gratification which usually of the instant variety. Whereas the ones who do well in life are prepared to delay that gratification, choosing investing over spending, etc. The difference in outcome shows up many years later, but show up it does.


2 points by ChristophRe 1246 days ago | link

Thank you for that.

Do you know the paper "INTUITIVE EQUALS FAMILIAR"?