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The language creator's final challenge
4 points by akkartik 2606 days ago | 1 comment
"Releasing a newborn language into the wild, where it can evolve and be corrupted in the mouths of others, has consistently proved difficult for language creators. More than once, it has been accompanied by the same sense of destructive disappointment that the Biblical God experienced after he released his own perfect creations into the world and discovered that they weren’t so perfect after all. Charles Bliss, a survivor of Buchenwald and the inventor of the pictographic language Blissymbolics, became unhinged when he learned that teachers were modifying his language to make it a tool for children with cerebral palsy to learn English. Volapük, a language created in the nineteenth century by a German Catholic priest named Johann Martin Schleyer, once had two hundred and eighty clubs around the world and more speakers than Esperanto. But its audience collapsed when Schleyer refused to allow anyone other than himself to coin new words."

3 points by kinleyd 2604 days ago | link

The pain of letting your baby go, the cost of being a control freak, weighing the potential upside of open source and benevolent dictatorships - all human dilemmas that existed way before the internet. ;)

Happy New Year, my Arc friends!