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2 points by akkartik 2635 days ago | link | parent

I'd like that! Sadly, I think we don't have lisp syntax in the browser for the same reason we don't have lisp syntax in all programming languages: most people aren't converted to its benefits.

2 points by kinleyd 2635 days ago | link

According to Rich Hickey, the average person goes for what they find to be "simple" as defined as easy or familiar. Whereas the power of simple requires you to go beyond the easy or familiar, and that's always tough if you aren't willing to put in some effort on the learning curve.

The benefits follow, just like in other areas of our life. I think one good analogy is the average person's attitude to gratification which usually of the instant variety. Whereas the ones who do well in life are prepared to delay that gratification, choosing investing over spending, etc. The difference in outcome shows up many years later, but show up it does.


2 points by ChristophRe 2634 days ago | link

Thank you for that.

Do you know the paper "INTUITIVE EQUALS FAMILIAR"?