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Poll: what version of arc do you use most?
3 points by akkartik 2450 days ago | 4 comments
We're trying to decide what to make the default download at the new community site ( I think this should be the version that most people here use and are familiar with.

(Prior conversation: Do people think I should add even deeper spin-offs like nulan and lathe and blade?)

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Anarki master
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Anarki stable
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3 points by rocketnia 2449 days ago | link

I've cast my vote for Rainbow. For the most part, I've only ever used Arc as a topic for discussion, as shallow inspiration (e.g. naming conventions), or as a platform for language-implementation-independent libraries I rarely used. But there have been two exceptions:

I briefly maintained my website's static site generator as an Arc+Penknife project. It could run on Arc 3.1, Anarki, and Rainbow, but I preferred to run it using Rainbow for speed.

At one point I wanted to fill a gap in our Arc-in-the-browser discussions, and I especially wanted to show there was no innate reason for ClojureScript to omit 'eval, so I spent a lot of effort porting and adapting Rainbow to make Rainbow.js. I figure this means I have a special investment in Rainbow, even if I don't run Rainbow or Rainbow.js for any serious business.


"Do people think I should add even deeper spin-offs like nulan and lathe and blade?"

Lathe and Blade shouldn't make it on this list.

Lathe is a suite of language-implementation-independent foundational Arc libraries, some of which specifically make it easier to write language-implementation-independent Arc code. I suppose you could program for Lathe as though it's an Arc platform, but that just means polyglot programming for several Arc platforms all at once.

Blade was a language project that never got off the ground, and it pretty much didn't have anything to do with Arc.


2 points by dram 2450 days ago | link

I roll my own version based on Arc3.1, as there is not such choice, I voted for arc3.1.


1 point by akkartik 2446 days ago | link

I had no idea we had 14 regular readers!!


2 points by kinleyd 2446 days ago | link

Heh, make that 13 - I voted for both Arc/Nu and Anarki Stable (looks like I'm a lone bird here) as I use them both. I hope I haven't jiggered the poll. :)