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It looks like the \x does the form. O_o That would be weird.

The last part looks pretty lispy.

Does this mean Haskell wins against Arc? :p


3 points by murk 5952 days ago | link

I apologize; `hasIndex` is a confusing name -- I was thinking of the `ISINDEX` html tag (it creates an html form with a single input field).

The idea is that `hasIndex f` creates a page that prompts for a string, then (after the page is submitted) calls the function f with the input string as parameter and shows the resulting page.

By the way, \ is just the Haskell syntax for lambda -- hey, whaddayaknow, it's one character shorter than `fn` :-)


1 point by ingspree 5951 days ago | link

Hm,, interesting idea, though hasIndex can be written in Arc to simplify their code.

But I like Haskell. :-) Interesting, how long will be explicit declaration of form.

BTW, this is your imagination or you are using something real and this can be used just now for web programming?


Maybe we should do a temporary wiki and just paste arc.arc in it so everyone can add comments in a centralized way.

Maybe get one at wikia? (they are for free, right?)

edit: nevermind, there's already :)


1 point by Gotttzsche 5954 days ago | link | parent | on: Clarification about Character Sets

He said that, but didn't they decide to break the backwards-compatibility with Python3000?