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3 points by kennytilton 5985 days ago | link | parent

I agree. As I said, the wiki solution would be needed iff the Arc team does not want to do this. As an open tool provider myself I always invite those complaining about my doc to go ahead and contribute some. Great way to silence them. :) And maybe we can have the best of both worlds if we do the work collaboratively on a wiki which then periodically gets scraped into arc.arc so typical users are just looking at that. as an aside, if this happens I do think the wiki entries should also include the relevant code.

1 point by Gotttzsche 5985 days ago | link

Maybe we should do a temporary wiki and just paste arc.arc in it so everyone can add comments in a centralized way.

Maybe get one at wikia? (they are for free, right?)

edit: nevermind, there's already :)