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3 points by murk 5008 days ago | link | parent

I apologize; `hasIndex` is a confusing name -- I was thinking of the `ISINDEX` html tag (it creates an html form with a single input field).

The idea is that `hasIndex f` creates a page that prompts for a string, then (after the page is submitted) calls the function f with the input string as parameter and shows the resulting page.

By the way, \ is just the Haskell syntax for lambda -- hey, whaddayaknow, it's one character shorter than `fn` :-)

1 point by ingspree 5008 days ago | link

Hm,, interesting idea, though hasIndex can be written in Arc to simplify their code.

But I like Haskell. :-) Interesting, how long will be explicit declaration of form.

BTW, this is your imagination or you are using something real and this can be used just now for web programming?