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1 point by thaddeus 5499 days ago | link | parent

in news.arc

    (def load-items ()
      (system (+ "rm " storydir* "*.tmp"))
; errors when there are no .tmp files. not a biggie since it still goes on.

rm: .../news/story/*.tmp: No such file or directory

Still working on it but so far the newsforum only displays when I am logged in. otherwise it's blank.

1 point by pg 5499 days ago | link

Yeah, I didn't try to suppress error messages because I'm curious how often it actually finds something.

When you say blank, do you mean completely blank, or just no stories? Because caching means that stories take a minute to show up to nonlogged-in users.


1 point by thaddeus 5499 days ago | link

Re-installed. Works fine. I will look at further, but all is good so far. Thanks, T.


2 points by thaddeus 5499 days ago | link

Ok now it's not my environment. I have made no changes just the arc3 files and mzscheme372.

* I have only 3 posts and 3 comments, if I log in as admin and keep hitting the comments link - not crazily like, but right after the page load completes - about the 10th time or so the hyperlinks change format then the whole forum get locked and goes blank.

I am using mac osx.

After about an hour I'm getting the impression the forum is glitchy. There's just a bunch of quirky behavior like the above (pages are slower to load - page painting is noticeable.... etc etc)

Not like the old arc2 forum on the same machine.



3 points by pg 5499 days ago | link

You're probably setting off the code that protects against overly aggressive clients. See abusive-ip in srv.arc.

Try restarting Arc and evaluating this expression

    (def abusive-ip (x) nil)
before starting up News, and see if you still have a problem.

This will show you requests that have been ignored, by ip address:



2 points by thaddeus 5499 days ago | link

LoL. And here I was thinking I was helping by doing a little bit of stress testing :)

That fixed it. T.


1 point by thaddeus 5499 days ago | link

stopped; rebooted. this time without even logging in - on the 4rth time clicking the comments link - it froze up.