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created:5701 days ago
about:I don’t use Arc because its unfinished and unusable for the things I need to do. I often get the sense that when I promote Clojure on the Arc forum that people get defensive and wonder why I'm even around, but remember I am only saying what pg himself is:

  > Would you recommend Arc to modern startups in general?
  PG: No, I don't think so, not in its current state.
  > Why not?
  PG: It's still missing some things that most people take for granted.
  > Are there any Lisps you would recommend.. ?
  PG: Clojure is probably the best bet...

I like the arc language and I like the community. I view arc as unfinished and look forward to giving it a shot when it is, but until then I am going to continue to be realistic about the current state and promote Clojure as an option.
  Vancouver, Canada.