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3 points by applepie 5523 days ago | link | parent

I sincerely don't understand.

If you want to make a good abstract language, you shouldn't care too much about the bugs of this particular implementation. Fixing the bugs of the current version is kind of useless.

If you want to make a good practical language, don't you think it's a bit late to fix the bugs? Why don't you, for instance, just make Anarki the official version?

5 points by thaddeus 5523 days ago | link

Anarki has a lot of great stuff in it, but it also has alot of crap in it. I spent 2 weeks just going through the code pulling out the pieces I like from Anarki and not the rest. I certainly hope pg keeps the arc code down to the dozen or so core files forcing the community to build libraries on top rather than integrate adhoc extras at such a low level that it's brutal to separate the good from the bad.


5 points by pg 5512 days ago | link

I care because to do a good job at language design you have to use the language to write applications.


2 points by conanite 5522 days ago | link

I sincerely don't understand

Version n of anything usually consists of incremental improvements to version n-1. Including bug-fixes as well as new features. To deliver a new version written from scratch would be to deliver a new set of bugs written from scratch.