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3 points by rntz 4495 days ago | link | parent

Done. The above links to the result of "git diff" after the changes. While I think it works (it loads arc.arc fine), I don't want to actually push it to anarki in case I've made a mistake and there's some existing code it breaks. With it, and my module system, you can do the following:

In "test.arc":

    (prn "test.arc evaluated")
    (mac mquote (x) `',x)
At the arc repl:

    Use (quit) to quit, (tl) to return here after an interrupt.
    arc> (load "lib/module/python.arc")
    arc> (use test)
    test.arc evaluated
    #3(tagged module #<namespace>)
    arc> (mac test* (x) (test x))
    #3(tagged mac #<procedure>)
    arc> (test*.mquote foo)
If this gets pushed to anarki, it would be trivial to rewrite lib/module/python.arc so the "(mac test* ...)" line is unnecessary.

1 point by almkglor 4495 days ago | link

Hmm. Looks good, although I'm dubious about the second diff block (problem is that I don't have access to an Arc right now, so I can't quite see where that modification is)

As an aside - could we possibly do this without depending on mzscheme namespaces? It should be possible to have the macro instead be something of the form:

  (mac module-name (x)
    (case x
      member  gs42 ; where gs42 is a (uniq)-ed symbol
      member2 gs43
              (err:string "module does not contain member - " x)))


1 point by rntz 4492 days ago | link

The second diff block is just a continuation of the change to 'ac-macro?. The modified function looks like this:

    (define (ac-macro? fn)
      (let ((fn (if (pair? fn) (ac-macex fn) fn)))
         ((symbol? fn)
          (let ((v (namespace-variable-value (ac-global-name fn) 
                                             (lambda () #f))))
            (if (and v
                     (ar-tagged? v)
                     (eq? (ar-type v) 'mac))
                (ar-rep v)
         ((and fn
               (ar-tagged? fn)
               (eq? (ar-type fn) 'mac))
          (ar-rep fn))
         (#t #f))))
As for doing it without mzscheme namespaces, yes, that could be done. That would be the CL way, more or less.