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1 point by rntz 4492 days ago | link | parent

The second diff block is just a continuation of the change to 'ac-macro?. The modified function looks like this:

    (define (ac-macro? fn)
      (let ((fn (if (pair? fn) (ac-macex fn) fn)))
         ((symbol? fn)
          (let ((v (namespace-variable-value (ac-global-name fn) 
                                             (lambda () #f))))
            (if (and v
                     (ar-tagged? v)
                     (eq? (ar-type v) 'mac))
                (ar-rep v)
         ((and fn
               (ar-tagged? fn)
               (eq? (ar-type fn) 'mac))
          (ar-rep fn))
         (#t #f))))
As for doing it without mzscheme namespaces, yes, that could be done. That would be the CL way, more or less.