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2 points by almkglor 4948 days ago | link | parent

Re: symbols - perhaps it's better to leave them in UTF-8, then only convert them to UTF-32 if and only if they are coerced to strings.

I suggest making tables work first before the really weird numbers ^^

Edit: there's also the problem of making I/O ports redirect to strings under construction. 'tostring is pretty much the idiomatic way of creating strings in Arc.

Edit2: As an aside, here's what I intend to do with ac.scm built-ins:

1) Remove ac.scm xdef'ed functions from the mac* stuff in xe.arc

2) Create a special lib-ac.scm.arc, where we can access primitives:

  (set car
    (fn (x)
      (%car x))) ;will access primitive %car, but only in lib-ac.scm.arc
Code that isn't in lib-ac.scm.arc will not be able to access the primitives %foo.

The above will of course allow code like:

  (map car (pair lst))
3) Finish up my inliner, so that user code of the form:

  (car foo)
  #hash( (type . app) (subx .
   (#hash( (type . ref) (var . #hash( (id . car) (uid . car)))))
      #hash( (type . ref) (var . #hash( (id . foo) (uid . foo))))))
Gets converted, by inlining, to:

  (%car foo)
  #hash( (type . prim) (prim . %car) (subx .
    #hash( (type . ref) (var . #hash( (id . foo) (uid . foo))))))

3 points by sacado 4947 days ago | link

Yep. I left symbols encoded in UTF-8. When a string is output to anything (included when transformed to a symbol) it is translated to UTF-8. And I was planning to implement tables before the numeric tower. I think there's more fun in tables rather than in numbers :)

As for ports I didn't think about it yet.