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4 points by sacado 4706 days ago | link | parent

Ok, I've got annotations working, with annotate, type and rep tuned to make everything work. Displaying annotated data gives the same output as canonical Arc.

pr also displays lists the same way as canonical Arc : instead of

  (foo . (bar . (baz . nil)))
it displays

  (foo bar baz)

  (foo . (bar . baz))
is displayed

  (foo bar . baz)
I'm fighting with strings now. I can display individual characters, as long as they are regular ASCII characters. A character is only a Unicode codepoint, encoded as a long. A string is internally an array of codepoints, so it occupies a lot of space, as each character uses 8 bytes. But accessing / modifying characters is fast & easy. When output, strings are converted to UTF-8 (that's where it does not work anymore :).

Edit : it now works, as long as you only use ASCII characters, which is, I admit it, rather stupid, but I had to do that first. And the len primitive is now implemented and works on cons cells and strings.

I didn't play with numbers & tables yet.

2 points by almkglor 4705 days ago | link

Re: symbols - perhaps it's better to leave them in UTF-8, then only convert them to UTF-32 if and only if they are coerced to strings.

I suggest making tables work first before the really weird numbers ^^

Edit: there's also the problem of making I/O ports redirect to strings under construction. 'tostring is pretty much the idiomatic way of creating strings in Arc.

Edit2: As an aside, here's what I intend to do with ac.scm built-ins:

1) Remove ac.scm xdef'ed functions from the mac* stuff in xe.arc

2) Create a special lib-ac.scm.arc, where we can access primitives:

  (set car
    (fn (x)
      (%car x))) ;will access primitive %car, but only in lib-ac.scm.arc
Code that isn't in lib-ac.scm.arc will not be able to access the primitives %foo.

The above will of course allow code like:

  (map car (pair lst))
3) Finish up my inliner, so that user code of the form:

  (car foo)
  #hash( (type . app) (subx .
   (#hash( (type . ref) (var . #hash( (id . car) (uid . car)))))
      #hash( (type . ref) (var . #hash( (id . foo) (uid . foo))))))
Gets converted, by inlining, to:

  (%car foo)
  #hash( (type . prim) (prim . %car) (subx .
    #hash( (type . ref) (var . #hash( (id . foo) (uid . foo))))))


3 points by sacado 4705 days ago | link

Yep. I left symbols encoded in UTF-8. When a string is output to anything (included when transformed to a symbol) it is translated to UTF-8. And I was planning to implement tables before the numeric tower. I think there's more fun in tables rather than in numbers :)

As for ports I didn't think about it yet.


1 point by eds 4706 days ago | link

Is this on Anarki yet? (For that matter, I don't even see your version using Boehm GC on Anarki.)

Edit: I just found Is this the repo you are talking about?


1 point by sacado 4705 days ago | link

No, it's not on the git yet as I cannot access it this week. And yes, arc2c's git is


3 points by almkglor 4705 days ago | link

Just a question, but I wonder if you could give eds write access to the repo? And of course, if there's anyone else out there who would like to contribute, just let us know, I think sacado would be glad to accommodate you ^^


1 point by stefano 4705 days ago | link

I'd like to have access too. Currently I don't have much free time to contribute, but if I find some time i'll be glad to contribute. My github username is, surprisingly, 'stefano'.


1 point by sacado 4705 days ago | link

You're on the list now :)


1 point by stefano 4704 days ago | link

Thanks :)


1 point by sacado 4705 days ago | link

Sure, eds, do you have a github account ? What's your login ?


1 point by eds 4705 days ago | link

Yeah, my github username is slaguth.


1 point by sacado 4705 days ago | link



1 point by almkglor 4705 days ago | link

Yes ^^