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Problem displaying images
5 points by skenney26 4339 days ago | 14 comments
This works: (tag (img src "pic.jpg"))

But this doesn't: (tag (img src "pics/pic.jpg"))

Has anyone else encountered this issue?

3 points by almkglor 4339 days ago | link

The arc server does not support file hierarchies yet.


2 points by lojic 4338 days ago | link

Is it specifically disallowing this? Otherwise, I would think it would be transparent for the most part.


2 points by kens2 4338 days ago | link

Yes, it rejects any path with a slash. I assume this is partially for security reasons (/../../../../../etc/passwd)


4 points by lojic 4338 days ago | link

I can see rejecting .. to disallow access above the tree, but rejecting / doesn't make any sense to me. So we have to just plop everything down in one directory? If so, that's ridiculous. I think I need to be less critical of the forkers.


4 points by almkglor 4337 days ago | link

Hehehehe. It's not that we're deliberately forking off - it's more that:

1. pg has been talking about this language for years

2. he has built up a big fan club

3. he released arc in a "not-quite-done" state and unleashed a firestorm of third-party fixes

4. he hasn't updated arc again for more than a month or so.

So yes, although we're not deliberately forking off, I fear this is just what will happen unless pg updates us all again within the next few months, or puts major parts of Anarki in Arc3.


4 points by lojic 4337 days ago | link

Yeah, I guess it's a case of "I'm the leader, which way did they go?" :)


2 points by stefano 4337 days ago | link

I completely agree.


2 points by kens2 4338 days ago | link

The code that rejects slashes is in srv.arc: gifname and static-filetype. So static files with slashes are rejected.


2 points by almkglor 4338 days ago | link

Hmm, it appears that Anarki doesn't disallow ../ - I'll see if this is a problem and if I can fix this later.


1 point by almkglor 4337 days ago | link

Fixed and on the git.


1 point by byronsalty 4337 days ago | link

Within Anarki all the file serving was done out of the special docroot directory (at least it was a month ago). I'm not sure if disallowing "../" is what we want or if it what we really want is to ensure that all file serving comes from that dir.



3 points by almkglor 4337 days ago | link

Disallowing .. is the easiest solution. Of course, the current solution simply rejects on any ".." including /foo..html and /subdirectory/../foo.html

Hmm probably do something with the Anarki-specific qualified-path instead...

Edit: done and on the git. Assuming you have a directory foo/ on your public_html, you can access favicon.ico by /foo/../favicon.ico

Edit: soft links would probably break though. Edit2: they don't, at least on mzscheme 360 and ubuntu


2 points by wfarr 4338 days ago | link

On Anarki, my images loaded in such a fashion work just fine.


2 points by skenney26 4338 days ago | link

So the arc server on Anarki has been modified to support file hierarchies?