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7 points by metageek 4571 days ago | link | parent

"I think perhaps people were just expecting 'new web-app language' to entail Unicode support." -- I would go further: I would say that many of us consider Unicode support an essential; it's part of getting the foundations right. PG mentioned hearing/reading Guido talk about the pain of switching Python's character support--but what was painful was the switching, not the character sets. The sooner Arc makes that switch, the less pain it'll be.

4 points by lg 4571 days ago | link

I think he said it was painful for Guido because he had to worry about backwards-compatibility...and that won't be an issue for Arc.


3 points by metageek 4570 days ago | link

It might. PG has decided not to worry about the pain of backwards compatibility for other people's code; but he still has to consider his own code.


1 point by Gotttzsche 4570 days ago | link

He said that, but didn't they decide to break the backwards-compatibility with Python3000?