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10 points by parenthesis 4163 days ago | link | parent

I, for one, endorse your approach of getting the foundations right before building towers atop.

I venture in explanation of the character set controversy: IIRC You have written of wanting Arc to be good specifically for web programming. (And obviously you are using it thus.) Ascii is fine when working on code to do symbolic differentiation (as I believe McCarthy was interested in at the dawns of time). But for a web app for the Chinese market, say, Unicode is obviously going to be involved. I think perhaps people were just expecting 'new web-app language' to entail Unicode support.

7 points by metageek 4163 days ago | link

"I think perhaps people were just expecting 'new web-app language' to entail Unicode support." -- I would go further: I would say that many of us consider Unicode support an essential; it's part of getting the foundations right. PG mentioned hearing/reading Guido talk about the pain of switching Python's character support--but what was painful was the switching, not the character sets. The sooner Arc makes that switch, the less pain it'll be.


4 points by lg 4163 days ago | link

I think he said it was painful for Guido because he had to worry about backwards-compatibility...and that won't be an issue for Arc.


3 points by metageek 4162 days ago | link

It might. PG has decided not to worry about the pain of backwards compatibility for other people's code; but he still has to consider his own code.


1 point by Gotttzsche 4162 days ago | link

He said that, but didn't they decide to break the backwards-compatibility with Python3000?