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1 point by CatDancer 4303 days ago | link | parent

Hmm, I suppose you could initialize it in ac.scm... something like

  (define _*call* (arc-eval '(table)))
perhaps? (I don't know enough about arc-eval to know if that's correct).

But, I think I like your approach better.

2 points by sacado 4303 days ago | link

(xdef 'call (make-hash-table 'equal)) is the right way to do in ac.scm I think


2 points by eds 4303 days ago | link

Nitpick: isn't the arc naming convention for special variables call* not * call* (space used to prevent autoconversion to call)?


2 points by nex3 4303 days ago | link

I chose "call" because that's how "help" was named. The setters hash is just "setters," though, I believe. I dunno, if you come up with a better name, feel free to rename it.


2 points by eds 4303 days ago | link



  templates*, bar*, hooks*

  arcdir*, logdir*, quitsrv*, breaksrv*, srv-noisy*, srvthreads*, threadlimit*, threadlife*, ...

I don't really care that much, (at least not enough to bother changing it), just thought we might want to follow pg's conventions (in so far as those conventions exist).