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1 point by akkartik 2263 days ago | link | parent

Very cool indeed.

"A form containing a single object evaluates to the object, which means that (1) ==> 1. Even without this added alteration to standard lisp evaluation of forms, we simply write val 1 instead of 1 above, val being the identity function"

Here's how I describe the rule at

"Lines with a single token are never wrapped in parens."


Hmm, though it's not quite accurate. Parens, quotes and unquotes don't count as tokens for the purposes of this rule, so as to do right by lines like this:

I should just stop using the jargon-y 'tokens' and say 'words' to clarify this.

1 point by seertaak 2262 days ago | link

Funny; we really are thinking about the same problems. bullet will currently puke if it encounters a lonely ')'. It's definitely sub-optimal. I think your solution of looking for words is the right way to go -- I didn't get around to implementing it though, because at some point I waded neck-deep into semantic analysis, code generation, ASM, invoke dynamic. Compilers really are fascinating creatures :)