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1 point by thaddeus 3635 days ago | link | parent

I admit, it's pretty cool, but I have wonder what it is you're planning to do with it that would make you run around in your underpants scaring your girlfriend... Lol... So can you fill us in on your plans or is it a hush hush world domination kinda thing?


I am also asking to get people brainstorming on the possibilities, for when I sat down to think about what I could do with it I came up with nothing... So I think I'm lacking creativity or inspiration this week!

1 point by akkartik 3635 days ago | link


I was reminded of

At least part of the excitement was in the fact that I didn't have to go through an 'app marketplace'. When everything about modern devices seems to involve jumping through endless hoops, it was a relief to have a nice experience.

Sometimes you have to use it for a while, and wait for ideas to form..