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Arc wiki?
4 points by adm 3919 days ago | 4 comments
Does anybody else feel that we should have a wiki, for sharing code? Which can be linked to this forum(?), will have something like cookbook, recipes etc; which can help novices(like me). mabybe implemented in Arc itself :)

2 points by jmatt 3918 days ago | link

There is a lot of code on this forum. And there are a handful of people that contribute greatly and often. Anarki of course. but I'd also check out:

Look at submissions by your favorite leaders:

There are plenty of other great contributions out there but this will get you started and covers the major sites that I can recall offhand. Other good links anyone?


2 points by conanite 3918 days ago | link , of course :)

anarki is at and it's world-writable, lots of people share code there


3 points by conanite 3919 days ago | link

Anarki includes (included?) code for a wiki - see

I've never tried it so I can't comment


2 points by rntz 3918 days ago | link

That's from back before the transition to arc3, so it'll now be on the arc2.master branch rather than anarki master. (Obviously, if anyone would care to translate it and push it, that would be great.)