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A wiki, in Arc: Arkani now on Anarki
13 points by almkglor 5964 days ago | 7 comments
Hello all, very sleepy right now, but I've just pushed Arkani on Anarki. It's a very basic wiki system.

Currently there are no formatting and no linking between articles. However I did finish the history stuff.

Run it by:

  (load "wiki-arc/wiki-arc.arc")
  (thread (asv))
You should be able to access my test wiki on http://localhost:8080/wikitest

The articles are stored in arc/wiki-test, with the history stored on arc/wiki-test-meta

TODO: CSS (yes, when I said no formatting, I meant no formatting at all). Markup. Sleep.

2 points by almkglor 5961 days ago | link

A wiki in Arc: Arkani (Arki?) update!

Now actually has CSS to make the page a little prettier. Sorry guys, I don't normally do stylesheets, I normally hack into .style properties of DOM objects, in ECMAScript. I invite anyone who's got better stylesheet skillzorz to hack it ^^.

Also now has basic [[link]], ''bold'' '''italics''', and '''''bolditalics''''' formatting. Done using scanners and raymyers' treeparse ^^. It wasn't so hard that way. ^^

Am currently wondering where stuff like locking etc (you know, blocking pages from being edited by anonymous, or non-admins, etc.) So try not to put important stuff in a wiki yet, because I might need to change the metadata file format.


4 points by lojic 5964 days ago | link

I think your name choice of 'Arkani' may be confusing wrt 'Anarki'


6 points by almkglor 5964 days ago | link

Yes. It's even in a file named wiki-arc, to make it even more confused with arc-wiki


3 points by treef 5964 days ago | link

but it is fun


2 points by almkglor 5963 days ago | link

Now splits by paragraph.


3 points by tel 5963 days ago | link



3 points by sacado 5963 days ago | link

I like that name. Arki sounds cool and is not confusing anymore (even if, I have to admit, calling it Arkani is funny)