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3 points by thaddeus 4455 days ago | link | parent

Interesting. I had thought the purpose of HN was to push down on arc and make sure the language was capable, thus improving arc. Now it seems that arcs only purpose is make HN code work?

I'm seeing chickens and eggs fly by at hazzardous speeds.

Maybe I am reading this wrong?, but it seems to be a common response/statement.

2 points by CatDancer 4451 days ago | link

I suspect that if you want to know about Arc's design goals, then pg's writings at is a better source than various random interpretations floating around on the forums.


3 points by thaddeus 4451 days ago | link

Agreed. I do hope, however, that arc.v4.0 is structured in such away to move away from being news.arc centric. I hope pg chooses a different project to push down on arc. I think this would open the door to a fresh perspective.