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3 points by palsecam 4539 days ago | link | parent

Sorry I was a moron. Source available now, see

> Does that mean I think [...] the arc webserver is crap? Hell no

Actually, on some points it is (IMHO of course) ;-D

> I won't use it for some private purpose that "I'll not communicate about"; I'd share it back. That's how open source works.

Sadly everyone is not as honest as you :-/ I've met some people not understanding what FOSS is about, and being big bitches about it, so I'm now more suspicious than I used to be.

But this is no excuse, I was not right to emit judgements about you based on my past experiences.

> weren't satisfied with its quality yet

Yep, was/is the case, see last item on the TODO list (in evsrv.arc)

> some cool stuff (for example, AJAX

Actually, nothing cool or magic about Ajax. It's just sugar (here).

> some way of maintaining a persistent REPL)

More magic here :-) Although it is just because of MzScheme being a very good language, and having namespaces and sandboxes.

> I don't ask with a purpose already in mind, but rather to learn

The noblest of all purposes ;-)

Once again sorry for misinterpreted and being quite rude with you.