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1 point by thaddeus 4101 days ago | link | parent

can someone explain to me how the variable adm is being passed into the function when it's not accounted for in the functions input args ?

Also - anyone notice there's now vote down buttons on the forum?

4 points by absz 4101 days ago | link

The brackify function returns the closure [+ openb _ closeb]. The [... _ ...] notation means "construct an anonymous function of one argument, _"; it's the same as (fn (_) (... _ ...)). Thus, (brackify "(" ")") returns a function of one argument which, when called, surrounds its text with "()"; the text given is "adm".

The downvote buttons have been there for quite a while for me---you seem to have just broken 100 karma, so maybe it's because of that?


1 point by thaddeus 4101 days ago | link

I see - thanks. T.