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1 point by nandosperiperi 4543 days ago | link | parent | on: #arc on Freenode is now logged

here is a recap of what has happened in arc over the past 12 hours.

some excerpts:

* ams has joined channel #arc

<ams> i'd like to rewrite linux in arc, where do i start?

<mattl> arc is certainly capable.

<ams> and it is a exploratory language, so it shouldn't take to long

<bgeron> I'm not so sure about that

<ams> are you saying arc is not good?

<ams> why not? why can i not write linux in arc?

<ams> pg says it is the best language out there

* wvd has joined channel #arc

<wvd> hello

<wvd> I'm starting a company, I'll call it bizarro google and instead of hiring CS and math phds I'll hire only cobol programmers. I'm sure Y combinator will give me venture capital for that.

<wakeupsheeple> can i be co-founder

<wvd> what will your business focus be?

<wakeupsheeple> we will consult companies with solutions for their webapplications based on 'software as a service', providing content to their users

<wakeupsheeple> wvd what should i name my web 2.0 company, Quaykor or Kwxxypp

<wvd> totally go for Kwxxypp, vowels are for the weak

<wvd> register the domais, that way people wont think that kwxxypp is just some random string of letters but instead that they might have some kind of non-unicode browser that does not render cyrillic URLs

<wakeupsheeple> your first duty as Kwxxypp cofounder is to register that domain since i've already posted the business plan here


10 points by nandosperiperi 4543 days ago | link | parent | on: I hereby propose...

lisp hacker -> arc welder


2 points by spanky575 4543 days ago | link

or arc wielder


1 point by nandosperiperi 4543 days ago | link | parent | on: I hereby propose...

no no... it's more important to get a good logo for the language, i hereby propose an eightball... or a stormtrooper!


6 points by tjr 4543 days ago | link

I would like to see a small ant with an antique pocketwatch eating a pie.


5 points by nandosperiperi 4542 days ago | link


5 points by randallsquared 4543 days ago | link

How would a pocketwatch eat a pie?!


1 point by Xichekolas 4543 days ago | link

That was A+


1 point by lg 4543 days ago | link

Shouldn't it be an arch? but, missing some element that was of course unnecessary to begin with.

Barring that, a lintel with a big cancel sign over it.


2 points by nandosperiperi 4543 days ago | link | parent | on: Clarification about Character Sets

Someone has already started on an implementation in Haskell


1 point by ehird 4542 days ago | link

it was a parody, to show that in a few days we could do what took 6 years.