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1 point by nandosperiperi 4624 days ago | link | parent

no no... it's more important to get a good logo for the language, i hereby propose an eightball... or a stormtrooper!

6 points by tjr 4624 days ago | link

I would like to see a small ant with an antique pocketwatch eating a pie.


5 points by nandosperiperi 4622 days ago | link


5 points by randallsquared 4623 days ago | link

How would a pocketwatch eat a pie?!


1 point by Xichekolas 4623 days ago | link

That was A+


1 point by lg 4624 days ago | link

Shouldn't it be an arch? but, missing some element that was of course unnecessary to begin with.

Barring that, a lintel with a big cancel sign over it.