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3 points by eds 5329 days ago | link | parent | on: What I really dislike about arc...

You could always go by way of Clojure:

  car -> first
  cdr -> next
  caar -> ffirst
  cadr -> fnext
  cdar -> nfirst
  cddr -> nnext
So you really can compose the names. They're still less concise, but only by a couple of characters. If you really wanted to save those characters, use fst/rst (and ffst, frst, etc).

EDIT: I failed to completely read your post; it seems you already mentioned ffst etc. Don't know that my comment adds much to the debate.


1 point by zck 5329 days ago | link

Actually, those were new to me -- I was trying to use fst and rst, and failing at it. While the Clojure way works better than my example, there's something about it that I don't like. Maybe it's simply that it's new -- if that was the original way, I'd react similarly to introducing car and cdr.


2 points by eds 5395 days ago | link | parent | on: I agree.

Just for your information, there is a "flag" button on the "X points by Y" line, which can be used to mark spam messages. (Or at least there is if you have over some amount of karma.)




1 point by thaddeus 5395 days ago | link

That's way too funny. I saw this a while back and thought 'flag' was to bookmark the post as 'important'.... so naturally was 'flagging' some of pgs' posts. I'm glad it didn't end up marking his posts as spam!


Have you looked at GNU Screen (

It does most of what you describe (connecting/disconnecting from a running Arc repl). I don't know if you can use it to save cron jobs, but that's not something I typically need to do.

It doesn't, however, solve the IDE problem.


1 point by shader 5423 days ago | link

Yes, I use screen very heavily, and I do use it to leave an arc process running, and connect to it again later.

But it can't connect to an arc repl that was executed by a non-interactive shell, such as via cron or initd. That's what I use the pipe system for, and a similar system could easily be used by an ide to communicate with arc and not create a visible shell window.


Has anyone tried SLIME with Arc yet? I believe SLIME works with some varieties of Scheme, so it may be possible.


3 points by shader 5423 days ago | link

No I haven't. I've been meaning to look into that, but so far I've just been using arc.el. If you know anything about getting arc to work with slime, and have any success in that area, I'd be interested.


1 point by tokipin 5421 days ago | link

i actually use Vim which is more than sufficient for my needs. what i'm thinking of making is a completely noob-oriented IDE, one where ideally the user does not even have to know about mzscheme this or arc3.tar that

the look and feel is also important :D


Another use for symbol macros is in writing package/module systems, where you want to determine which package a symbol goes into based on the compilation context.

You can do this to a certain extent already, using package!symbol notation, but this still doesn't allow using symbols without prefixes.



1 point by eds 5450 days ago | link | parent | on: Last call for Arc bugs

Here are the two patches for ensure-dir in Anarki stable:

According to the comment, there is a bug in MzScheme <371 which sets the sticky bit on *nix, so it may still be necessary to call system sometimes.


1 point by thaddeus 5450 days ago | link

don't forget these changes require mods for the $ usage (which you can probably cut out)

and (xdef 'which-os system-type).



1 point by CatDancer 5450 days ago | link

Oh right, now I remember the sticky bit problem!

. . . .


2 points by eds 5452 days ago | link | parent | on: Last call for Arc bugs

Another option is the Anarki stable branch (, which has most of fixes necessary to make most of Arc work portably on Windows and other OSes. (And, being a bug-fix branch, the amount of other random material is limited.)


4 points by thaddeus 5451 days ago | link

I agree with the option, but I also think these posts will fall off the deep end in about 2 months. By then new members may only discover the option after they've discovered the problem. So we're not really saving new members wasted efforts unless the install page guides people.



2 points by pmarin 5451 days ago | link

Why not to setup some kind of wiki under The Tclers Wiki is a great example.


1 point by eds 5451 days ago | link

pg: Even if you'd rather not think about supporting Windows portability yourself, providing a link to the Anarki stable branch would help new Windows users. Finding this stuff on the forum after it's fallen off the top couple of pages is not very easy.


1 point by eds 5452 days ago | link | parent | on: Last call for Arc bugs

Not a huge issue, but there is


1 point by eds 5452 days ago | link

Thanks for responding


1 point by eds 5453 days ago | link | parent | on: Request for Bugs

Variable capture is still possible with gensyms. Problem and solution described here:

Patch on Anarki:


2 points by eds 5454 days ago | link | parent | on: How do I untar the Arc file?

If you are on Windows, download 7-zip ( Then right click on the file, and choose 7-zip > Extract Here.

If you are on Mac, Linux, Unix, etc, you should be able to use the following command at the terminal

  tar xf arc2.tar