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Versioning for arc3.tar file
4 points by lojic 4116 days ago | 4 comments
pg, if providing Arc source code via a publicly accessible version control system is currently unappealing to you, would it be possible to simply version the tarball name to avoid having identically named but different files?

3 points by CatDancer 4115 days ago | link

I find keeping a copy of each of the arc3 releases useful because then I can diff a new release against the previous release and easily see what's changed. So I imagine this would be a useful service to the community to make these older releases available so other people could do the same thing.

But this isn't work that Paul needs to do. It's easy to write a script that periodically downloads the arc3.tar, and if it has changed, increment a release number, and publish the new release somewhere where people can get to it.


3 points by projectileboy 4116 days ago | link

It seems to me that putting Arc on Github or some such at this point would just be noise. Has anyone been seriously inconvenienced by the recent updates to arc3.tar?


5 points by s-phi-nl 4115 days ago | link

It might be nice if the download page said the release date of the current file, so that people could compare their copy's date to it rather than having to search pg's comments.


1 point by tc-rucho 4116 days ago | link

I agree. It would be way better if some (distributed) version control system is used instead of unversioned tarballs. I don't know if PG doesn't like the idea of version controlor just doesn't know how to use any. If it's the second case, then I suggest giving Mercurial a try. It's pretty simple, stable, almost as fast as git, it has good documentation and superb multiplatform support. How to host a mercurial repository?

> cd arc; hg serve &


Else, google code. Want some tutoria/book?