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1 point by CatDancer 4429 days ago | link | parent

The only thing I'm wondering about branches for libraries is: how do you find them if you're trying to fetch them via 'lib?

I can think of three scenarios:

1. You're using the public, published version of a library that also happens to be in your git repository.

2. You're using an unpublished version of a library in your git repository: for example, you're testing your code against the latest development version of a library to see if they work together.

3. You're working on a library.

For #3, I presume you'd just be using 'load.

For #2, if you want to for example get the latest version of a file "foo.arc" in the "foo" branch, you can use git for that, e.g.:

  git show foo:foo.arc
For #1, you don't need to get the library out of git, you can use whatever mechanism we're all using to fetch and use a published library.

1 point by shader 4429 days ago | link

For #3, I presume you'd just be using 'load.

I was hoping to use a modified version of 'lib that would allow me to type

  (lib binary)
when I meant

  (load "lib/binary.arc")
It has the advantage of less typing, and hopefully the concept that functions are not reloaded unless the file has changed. If I'm trying to test a new version of a function, I would rather selectively reload that function than the whole library.