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1 point by CatDancer 4604 days ago | link | parent

One approach is to create a clean patch that doesn't have any of your private development history in it. See Linus Torvalds comments:

So if you want your library foo.arc to land in Anarki in the lib directory, create a patch to Anarki that adds foo.arc to the lib directory in a single commit.

One way to do this is to have one branch that tracks Anarki, and then a separate branch for your own development. You can merge new Anarki commits into your private development branch, but avoid ever merging from your development branch back into your Anarki tracking branch directly. Then in your private development branch you can have a messy development history (create foo, change bar, change foo, do something else, then change foo again), but only have add clean commits to your Anarki tracking branch that you push to Anarki ("create foo" or "update foo").