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2 points by shader 4607 days ago | link | parent

Mind if I ask why you moved them away from github, and why you didn't move all of them?

3 points by CatDancer 4607 days ago | link

I was using github's cool Github Page feature, where you can push a git repository to them, and they'll automatically create a web site out of it. The thing is, after you do the push, it goes into a queue, and some random time later depending on how busy github is the push will be processed to actually publish the changes. I found it was breaking my flow; the first thing I want to do when I publish something or write some instructions "go here and get this" is to try it and make sure that it's actually working. Nothing against github, it just wasn't a good fit for my particular work pattern.

I'm also slowly automating the hack documentation, so while naturally I do want to keep the source under version control it's just an extra step to have the generated HTML also in a git repository.

And I have aspirations of someday making this into a web app where anyone can publish their hacks, so it couldn't stay on github forever anyway.

I plan to still push the hacks to github, that way if my personal server goes down people won't be stuck waiting for me to fix it.

why you didn't move all of them

oh, I just don't have everything moved over yet.


1 point by CatDancer 4607 days ago | link

And some were bug fixes for arc2 which have been fixed in arc3.