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2 points by akkartik 5109 days ago | link | parent

The svn and git are actually separate wiki repos, right? Do patches flow between them?

2 points by nex3 5109 days ago | link

They are separate repos, but I have a git-svn mirror on my local machine from which I've been periodically pulling in any changes to the Subversion wiki and push them to the git wiki. Anyone else is, of course, welcome to do the same.


2 points by akkartik 5109 days ago | link

Cool, so patches flow one way and could in principle flow both ways.

Hold on though, will this scale, or will the cost of merging patches from svn become prohibitive? People would in principle be pushing on both the git and svn sides.


2 points by nex3 5108 days ago | link

Patches are currently flowing both ways as people commit to both repositories.

Git has excellent merging tools, including a way to step through the history of both the Subversion and Git sides, applying patches automatically when possible and asking the user for manual assistance when there's an ambiguity. Even if the repositories get horribly out-of-sync, which I'll try to make sure they won't, it'll only take a moderate amount of effort to get them back to a stable state.


3 points by ambition 5106 days ago | link

I put a note in the subversion repository to this effect --- unless there are any complaints, I'm going to take the code out of the SVN repository and leave only a note. There's no point in spending any time merging back and forth.

For now, anyone who is interested in Arc is smart enough to figure out git.