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6 points by pg 5472 days ago | link | parent

The red and blue bits together make a lowercase a. The white rectangle is supposed to represent a keystone.

3 points by pmarin 5472 days ago | link

I see the lowercase a. The blue and black colors are too similar in my screen, I had to use the ancient xmag program to zoom the logo ;)

Anyway, I like the logo.


3 points by pg 5472 days ago | link

You could have just clicked on the link:


5 points by olifante 5472 days ago | link

terrible logo, way too clever. Even after reading your explanation I didn't immediately get it. At the very least try a different colorscheme.


5 points by gvb 5472 days ago | link

Ditto on not "getting" it. :-(

My first thought was "5 1/4 floppy icon."


2 points by tc-rucho 5472 days ago | link

Lol, that's what it looked like to me at first sight too.


1 point by w8lvn 5472 days ago | link

I do see the keystone, but the lowercase a is escaping me. It does stand out nicely as a favicon, however.


1 point by bitdiddle 5472 days ago | link

ok, I see it now. Too square, perhaps if you rounded the a a little it would be more obvious.


1 point by carmapple 5472 days ago | link

Supposed to is about as far as it goes.

Don't you have a friend who does design work? This isn't any good, not even as a starting place.


6 points by pg 5472 days ago | link

Would you like it better if I told you I went to art school?


1 point by verec 5445 days ago | link

And how many classes did you skip? :-)


1 point by mitchellh 5472 days ago | link

I'm sorry... I just don't see it. =[