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2 points by CatDancer 4115 days ago | link | parent

Played around with it a bit more, r6rs appears problematic as apparently ++ is not a legal symbol in r6rs (!)

I took a look at PLT's implementation of lambda for r6rs/r5rs (it's in collects/r5rs/, and they just simply convert to a mutable list if the lambda has a rest parameter:

  (define-syntax (r5rs:lambda stx)
    ;; Convert rest-arg list to mlist, and use r5rs:body:
    (syntax-case stx ()
      [(_ (id ...) . body)
       (syntax/loc stx (#%plain-lambda (id ...) (r5rs:body . body)))]
      [(_ (id ... . rest) . body)
       (syntax/loc stx
         (#%plain-lambda (id ... . rest)
                         (let ([rest (list->mlist rest)])
                           (r5rs:body . body))))]))
(the list->mlist is the part I'm looking at)

So having for example (fn args ...) compile to an (arc-lambda args ...) which does the same thing might be simpler than trying to get Arc to compile and run in the whole complicated r6rs environment.