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1 point by nex3 5106 days ago | link | parent

I'm not sure PHP's really up to the task - lacking closures might prove to be a big issue. It would probably be reasonably simple to make an arc interpreter, or an interpreter for a simpler intermediate language, but performance would probably suffer.

1 point by apotheon 5105 days ago | link

Why not write an Arc interpreter in Perl -- or even an interpreter for a web-centric subset of Arc? Stick the interpreter in the cgi-bin directory and use that to run your Arc scripts. Perl/CGI is even more ubiquitous on shared hosting accounts than PHP, supports closures, et cetera.

In fact, I've considered creating a new closures-based object system in Perl 5 in the past (never got around to it), which sounds suspiciously like it might have some things in common with some characteristics of Arc.


2 points by pc 5106 days ago | link

The lack of closures just means the compiler has to do a little more work.