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Reading a webpage
1 point by skenney26 3526 days ago | 6 comments
How do you read a webpage? I'd like to write a macro like this...

  (w/url u ""
... and have the variable u bound to a string that represents the content of the specified url. Then I could search the page for links, pics, etc.

I've tried a variety of approaches on Arc2 and Anarki but haven't found a solution yet. Any help would be appreciated.

2 points by antiismist 3526 days ago | link

... I haven't seen before - interesting site!


2 points by almkglor 3526 days ago | link

stefano has an "http-get" library on Anarki. I haven't used it yet thought ^^


1 point by skenney26 3526 days ago | link

I've been looking through stefano's code. It looks like something like this should work...

  (let (i o) (connect-socket url* 80)
    (disp (readline i)))
... or something like that, but I haven't gotten it to work. Usually I get an error or a return value of nil.


3 points by stefano 3526 days ago | link

With http-get loaded this macro should do the job. You could also have a look at xml.arc to parse xhtml pages.

  (mac w/url (var url . body)
    `(let ,var (cadr (get-request (str->url ,url)))


1 point by skenney26 3525 days ago | link

Awesome, that's exactly what I needed.

I'm not familiar with how to use xml.arc but this is what I came up with for finding the links on a page:

  (def find-links (str)
    (with (start 0 acc nil)
      (whilet p (posmatch " href=" str start)
        (= start
           (+ p (if (in (str (+ p 6)) #\' #\") 7 6)))
      (push (cut str start (pos [in _ #\' #\" #\> #\space] str start))
      (rev acc)))

  (w/url u ""
    (find-links u))


1 point by antiismist 3526 days ago | link

I used it a while back, and it seems to work.