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3 points by almkglor 5668 days ago | link | parent

Yes. I don't intend to have html.arc, user.arc and asv.arc to load on startup, instead, I expect the user to have to explicitly do:

  (using <asv>v1)
....which will load asv.arc, and asv.arc will then have dependencies on <html>v1 and <user>v1. If you have an app that needs <asv>v1, then put the (using <asv>v1) declaration in your app's source.

After all, not everyone will use Arc for web apps ^^


Also, as.scm attempts to precompile arc.arc into a scheme file. It loads those faster. I'm wondering if it would be possible to integrate the precompilation so that any 'using metacommand will precompile all libraries, just for the faster load times.

It would probably be better too to figure out what mzscheme's equivalent to fasl files is, and target that instead of just a .scm file.