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1 point by bOR_ 5763 days ago | link | parent

Small snag. I used drscheme 372 and anarki. opened as.scm as per instructions and ran it, but it error'd out on loading ffi.scm. I'll try and install drscheme 352 to see of that helps.

  > (require mzscheme)
  > (require "ac.scm")
  > (require "brackets.scm")
  > (use-bracket-readtable)
  > (require "bitops.scm")
  > (load "ffi.scm")
  procedure application: expected procedure, given: #f; arguments were: #<struct:fun-syntax> #<syntax:C:\Program Files\anarki\ffi.scm:18:14>

1 point by bOR_ 5755 days ago | link

Never fixed the snag.. but there also seems to be the problem that you open as.scm in the edit window, whilst I want my arc file in there.