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(serve 8080) trouble
2 points by bOR_ 5761 days ago | 4 comments
Hi all. I've been having some trouble trying to get a webserver running on windows xp (based on the instructions on There is a variety of errors and a variety of answers.

1. classical arc2, scheme 352: the syntax of the command is incorrect 2. anarki, master branch, scheme 352: reference to undefined identifier: t

I've searched the forum, but apparently the problem was supposed to be fixed 196 days ago according to one post, or just not working natively under windows in another, or doable when following these instructions according to a third ( )

Moving from scheme 352 to scheme 410 gave an altogether different error (it didn't want to start arc), but I didn't try scheme 360 or any of the other in between builds. Should I?

2 points by eds 5760 days ago | link

I can't duplicate your error on Anarki. I am running Windows XP SP 3 with MzScheme 352 (, using the newest Anarki (

If the master branch still doesn't work for you, you could also try the stable branch, which should only contain bug fixes (


2 points by bOR_ 5760 days ago | link

Ha! Got it. I was using the Anarki stable download at . Now I just downloaded the master and it works. Gracias.


1 point by stefano 5760 days ago | link

mzscheme 410 won't work because it has a few differences from 3xx releases. You could try 372+anarki. (I dont' have windows, so I can't try)


1 point by eds 5760 days ago | link

Specifically, MzScheme 4+ uses immutable lists, which don't work well with Arc. You might be able to try, but I personally have no experience in doing so.