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Javascript / arc / google chrome / v8
5 points by bOR_ 5773 days ago | 2 comments
Just read through the comics announcing google's new browser, and the javascript compiler it will use, and wondered how well such a thing would combine with arc. Am I right to think that we can basically have a fast arc running in google's new browser (or a slow arc running in any other browser), based on what Jonathan Tang has provided us with so far?

6 points by drcode 5772 days ago | link

My first profiling of arclite with chrome (arc.arc. header loading, including time for page refresh)

  Firefox3: 5.8 sec
  Chrome  : 2.2 sec


6 points by bOR_ 5772 days ago | link

also noticed that the difference isn't that large as the racing car seemed to suggest. Chrome's javascript has about the same performance as Opera's right now. We'll see how it develops.

Hah. someome made ruby run on v8 and made a small benchmark of it. Interesting: