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3 points by rkts 4377 days ago | link | parent

Your macro has problems with variable capture and multiple evaluation (see chapters 9-10 of On Lisp). Here's a version that should work properly:

  (mac bias args
    (w/uniq r
      (withs (ws (map car  (pair args))
              xs (map cadr (pair args))
              us (map [uniq] ws))
        `(with ,(mappend list us ws)
           (let ,r (rand (+ ,@us))
             (if ,@(mappend
                     (fn (u x) `((< (-- ,r ,u) 0) ,x))
                     us xs)))))))
IMO, though, the use of a macro here is a premature optimization. I think you should try to get a function working first, and then wrap a macro around it if you know that's what you need. See my comment for an example of such a wrapper macro (in CL, but the Arc is similar).

1 point by skenney26 4376 days ago | link

  (mac bias args
    (w/uniq (bs r)
     `(withs (,bs (list ,@(map car (pair args)))
              ,r  (rand (apply + ,bs)))
        (if ,@(mappend
                (fn (c) `((< (-- ,r (pop ,bs)) 0) ,c))
                (map cadr (pair args)))))))


1 point by skenney26 4377 days ago | link

Interesting solution. I like the clever use of --