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Flag feature
1 point by lojic 4435 days ago | 3 comments
I just noticed a flag link underneath the post title. Is this a new feature, or am I just not very observant?

1 point by jmatt 4435 days ago | link


1 point by lojic 4433 days ago | link

From the link:

"You guys are so fast I didn't have time to write anything about it. The purpose is to let users over a certain karma threshold flag spam and troll submissions.

It should only be used for spams and really egregious trolling, not for stuff that's merely vapid or mistaken or off-topic.

Please don't click on it just to try it out. Flags are really being recorded, so flagging something randomly could damage the reputation of the flagger and/or the submitter of the thing that got flagged."

It would have been nice to simply add a tooltip or other means of indicating some clue of what this feature was. Naturally I clicked it hoping I would be taken to a page that explained its use (since there was no help link or other info available).

I then unflagged the post since I realized it was just some sort of boolean indicator. Poor design IMO. Someone could think "flagging" was a way of marking interest or something.


1 point by antiismist 4435 days ago | link

It's been around for a while in news.yc, and I read somewhere here that pg upgraded this forum to match.