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Has the leaders threshhold changed?
5 points by lojic 4443 days ago | 4 comments
I just noticed that only lists 4 users currently (Tue Jul 29 11:36:15 EDT 2008). Is this intentional, or a bug?

6 points by pg 4443 days ago | link

Oops, yes, sorry. I just released a new version of the code and it had some new news.yc stuff in it that I hadn't adapted yet to Will fix.


3 points by rincewind 4442 days ago | link

Please put links to the rss and lists operators at the bottom of the front page like on hacker news.


5 points by lojic 4443 days ago | link

The threshhold wasn't purposely set to exclude kennytilton was it? ;)


1 point by jmatt 4443 days ago | link

Yeah I saw that yesterday and thought the same thing.

And right when I was about to make the leaders list...