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1 point by almkglor 5774 days ago | link | parent

The value pointed to by the container would be accessed with (foo), just a single layer of parens. The container's pointer would be mutated as (= (foo) ...) though. Oh well.

Edit: Oh, you said "container in a container". Yes, ((foo)) it is.

> It doesn't seem like it would be as useful, because I doubt you can increment/decrement a container

This functionality would be in a scanner, although a scanner, technically, would be just an iterator.

For instance, I fully intend to implement string scanners and input file scanners on the C++-side in SNAP; they would be somewhat "safe" wrappers around C++ iterators, which are just a generalization on the pointer. so (car foo) would be *foo and (cdr foo) would be (foo + 1).

> what are the problems we might encounter if we actually use this?

None at all, if you're talking about just containers and scanners. A container is just a reference to an Arc object. A scanner would just be an Arc-safe wrapper around an iterator.