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11 points by s3graham 5915 days ago | link | parent

Python, plus my in-house web framework:

    from pyricks import *
    class Said(PyricksApp):
        def initSession(self, root, data):
            def onsub(foo):
                def yousaid():
                    Yield("you said: " + foo)
                Yield(Link("click here", yousaid))
            Yield(Form(Input("foo"), onsubmit=onsub))
The actions could be lambdas to make it a closer translation, but I probably wouldn't. The library uses 'greenlet' for the continuation-y functionality.

What happens in Arc in more complex examples if I re-click a state-changing-link that's already been clicked?

1 point by ingspree 5912 days ago | link

That would be interesting to see your framework opensourced. :)))