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1 point by almkglor 4519 days ago | link | parent

> Almkglor, is any of the code for your VM available for perusal/editing?

Not yet, the only code I've started writing on is the memory management code. There are two versions, one which uses a mark-and-sweep for local heaps and has shared heaps implemented via boost::shared_ptr, and my newer version which uses stop-and-copy and does (will do?) copy-on-message-pass.

I can send you (and anyone interested) some initial tarballs though ^^. WARNING: C++. With RAII. Be scared.

My solution for the multiple-version thing was to simply have the thread copy all its shared objects and drop all references to shared.

Then I began to feel uncomfortable with it and decided that just copying the darn thing might be better after all ^^

My main reason for using ==> and <== was to make them stand out a bit ^^. -> and <- just look so skinny. Although it's not carved into stone yet.

I already did a mock-up for this in plain Anarki-on-mzscheme, which is the main reason why Anarki suddenly got semaphores and other lock primitives suddenly a month back ^^