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2 points by almkglor 5860 days ago | link | parent

> - Should the read s-expressions also have associated meta-information?

IMO yes. It might even be possible to have the meta-information attached to the nearest cons cell instead, so a cons cell might have, say, (cons a d (o line-number) (o file-name)). This makes symbols always equal other symbols without having to worry about attached meta-information for each "symbol".

Might be useful to add in my VM then ^^.

> - Could Arc be just the specification of its own compiler, making the bytecode an official part of the language (as pg once said)?

Interesting. Might be useful to define Arc as a set of macros which just expand to a bunch of bytecode.

Anyway I'm thinking my VM should be "bytecode" based. The bytecode won't have a numeric representation, but it will have a symbolic one, like ((localvar 0) (globalvar foo) (plus))

> - Could Arc be prepared for multiprocessor architectures like the guys (pun intended ;)) in Fortress want it to be? Or to intensive scalability like Erlang seems to have?

Well, this is what I want to do ^^.

> - Could we use generators using a lazy list-like interface?

Scanners? I've actually used scanners for something like this in Arki, the wiki in Anarki.