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1 point by applepie 5866 days ago | link | parent

Because arc is for smart programmers and pg wants to be second-guessed.

5 points by absz 5866 days ago | link

Or maybe there's a bug somewhere? The default assumption should not be "pg is an elitist jerk," but "pg is a fallible human being."[1] Whether or not pg is an elitist jerk is irrelevant, as the answer is probably that there's a bug/some unexpected behaviour hiding somewhere in arc.arc or ac.scm. In fact, I think that is the case, and the problem has to do with translating lists between Arc and mzscheme: see But it's always best to analyze first, since you get more done that way.

[1]: In fact, "so-and-so is a fallible human being" is almost always the best first stop: Hanlon's Razor ("Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.") and all that.


1 point by sacado 5865 days ago | link

There are bugs in the implementation of hash tables, he confirmed this. Don't try them with strings as keys for example (I mean, strings you modify).


2 points by applepie 5865 days ago | link

I don't think pg is an elitist at all.


1 point by absz 5865 days ago | link

My apologies then—I misread the sentiment behind your comment. In that case, I direct the sentiment of my previous comment away from you :)