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Kenny Tilton, ranting (
10 points by almkglor 5876 days ago | 4 comments

3 points by tokipin 5874 days ago | link

come to think of it, i really never hear about software written in lisp, and that is kind of bad. it could be the real reason lisp isn't popular


5 points by kennytilton 5873 days ago | link

Lisp is not popular because it was not at the right place at the right time. Other languages were, but that is all they were. Lisp meanshile is as good (and superior) as it ever was. And it is catching on, part of why I ranted that it is time to stop wringing our hands over Lisp's popularity and start programming with it. Or Arc. :)


2 points by almkglor 5873 days ago | link

> Lisp meanshile is as good (and superior) as it ever was

Really, kenny, lisping while you type? You must be drinking even more than usual... ^^ \/


1 point by parenthesis 5874 days ago | link

Well, here are some standard examples:

ITA, InspireData, PWGL, Viaweb, news.yc, reddit (initially), ...